AstronEra is an organization based in India that strives to make the wonders of the Universe accessible to people from all walks of life. Activities organized by AstronEra, such as stargazing nights, telescope sessions, field visits, scientific workshops, and games have found huge popularity among students and adults. Furthermore, AstronEra is now also a dedicated e-learning portal where video animations and graphic based content is created to enhance the astronomy learning experience.

AstronEra is the product of the curiosity of a young astronomy lover, Shweta, who often found herself intrigued by the wonders of the Universe. With a dream to develop a community of astronomy lovers by sharing her curiosity and knowledge, she started AstronEra at the age of 16 in November 2011. Almost 8 years later, AstronEra has touched the lives of more than 10,000 people across numerous countries and Shweta was been given an honor of becoming a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of England.

In many ways, ISEC and AstronEra share the same goal of encouraging curiosity about how the Universe works and our place in it, by celebrating science and making it more accessible to youth around the world.