Frequently Asked Questions


When and where is ISEC 2019 taking place?

ISEC will take place between 15-31 August 2019 at El Solitario, Baños de Montemayor, Spain.

Are you still accepting applications?

Yes! We have extended our original deadline and will be accepting applications until May 15th. After May 15th, we will be accepting applications on a rolling basis if there is still space available. However, there will be a late fee of 50€ for applications received after May 15th.

Once all spots are filled, we will update this answer to reflect that we are no longer accepting applications.

How can I confirm you received my application?

If you have submitted your application prior to April 12th, you should have already received a confirmation email. For applications received after April 12th, we will send you a confirmation email within 3 days of receiving your application. If you have submitted an application, but have not received a confirmation after 3 days, please contact us at

How much does ISEC cost?

The cost for ISEC 625€ for applications received before May 15th. Applications received after May 15th will incur a 50€ late fee and therefore the cost of participation will rise to 675€.

Why is ISEC so expensive?

We are a non-profit organization, so the participation fee just covers the operational costs of running ISEC. The majority of the participation fee goes towards room and board at El Solitario. The participation fee also covers additional costs such as camp insurance, camp materials, snacks for participants, and administrative costs.

Why is ISEC so cheap?

Unlike many other summer camps, we are a non-profit organization and therefore run ISEC at-cost. Furthermore, all our mentors and organizers are unpaid volunteers who have a passion for science outreach and education. These savings are passed on directly to our participants.

Do you offer any funding for participants who need financial help?

Unfortunately, ISEC currently does not currently offer any financial assistance. All applicants are encouraged to seek external grants that can fund their ISEC experience.

How do I pay for camp?

Once you are accepted to the camp, you will receive additional information about payment. Payments will be made directly into the ISEC bank account and we will not collect credit card information in any manner.

How do I travel to camp?

Participants are expected to travel to El Solitario on their own. However, if there is interest, we will organize a bus service from Madrid to El Solitario. Additional information regarding travel to camp will be provided once applicants have been accepted to ISEC.  

What if I have dietary restrictions/special health condition?

Once you are accepted, our team will be collecting this information. For health and safety reasons, it is required for you to notify our team of such conditions.

Can I apply if I will be 15 years old during camp? Can I apply if I am will be 25 years old during camp?

Unfortunately due to Spanish laws regarding minors, we will not be able to accept any applicants who will not be 16 by the start of camp.

We may consider applications from 25 year olds if there is room available. However, applicants who exceed our age limit should be aware that the projects done at ISEC may no longer be suitable for their level of education.

I am from ________. Can I apply?

Yes! We accept applications from all around the world.