Online ISEC

What: Online ISEC is a short, intensive online experience for science enthusiasts between the ages of 16 and 24 regardless of their background or skills.

When: June 28th – July 5th,  2022

Where: Anywhere with reliable internet access! 

Cost: The cost of participation is 20€ 

Participation in Online ISEC sessions will be based on the quality of your application and your availability. Not all projects will be available during both sessions.

Online ISEC 2021 Session B participants and mentors.

Structure of Online ISEC 

Our mentor team has developed multiple short research projects to be implemented with a participant team. These projects can be adapted and tailored to the interests and capabilities of the participants. We also encourage you to come up with your own projects, which you are welcome to propose to any of the mentors. Once accepted as a participant, we will send you detailed project descriptions from which you will indicate your preferences. Afterwards, you will be assigned to one of these projects according to your interest and the project availability. During Online ISEC, you will work closely with a mentor and 1-2 other participants to complete the project by the end of the session. Our mentors are primarily Bachelor students in their final year of university, Masters students, PhD students, and early-career science teachers. You can learn about the Online ISEC mentors here.

The success of the project will reflect the effort put forth during your “stay” at Online ISEC and we hope you will gain some insight into how scientists conduct and share research. At the end of the camp, you will need to prepare a short presentation about your ISEC project for your fellow participants.

Online ISEC will allow for more flexibility regarding your preferred work schedule, and the Mentors will check in with you on a daily basis. Therefore, please plan on devoting an average of 5 hours of work per day for 8 days (including the weekend) to your project. The mentors will be available to answer any questions you may have and help you with the challenges you may encounter.

During a project meeting, Patri and Álvaro discuss their progress with Radka, their mentor.

All applicants will collaborate on a project with 1-2 partners. Since ISEC is an international organization, there is a high likelihood that your partner(s) will be participating from a different country or time zone than you. While this will undoubtedly introduce additional challenges, we believe it is consistent with the mission and goals of ISEC to foster international collaboration. We understand there may be a need for some exceptions to this guideline and such instances will be considered on a case by case basis.

We hope  you will enjoy the opportunity to be silly and remember that even as you are growing up and taking on new responsibilities and stresses, there is always room for a new friend and a good time. 

Logistics and Calendar

We are offering one 8-day session for Online ISEC 2022. This session will take place between June 28th and July 5th. Participants are expected to complete their entire projects within this session.

One of the most important aspects of ISEC is the opportunity to interact with people from cultures that are different from your own. In addition to your working hours with your mentor and project partner(s), there will be a one-hour daily Games & Fun meeting where you will have the opportunity to socialize with all the participants and Mentors. These required meetings will take place from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC and they consist of activities that can be done online through video calls, forums, and chats. Online ISEC is both a scientific and social experience so participation in these daily one hour activities is expected and mandatory.

Participants and mentors take part in various Games & Fun activities

Alongside the report, you are also required to prepare a slideshow for your project which you will present on the last day of the session.

Online ISEC will require a computer with a reliable internet connection to complete your projects. Furthermore, you will also need to have access to a webcam to communicate with your project partner(s) and Mentor regularly, as well as for Games & Fun activities. We will use Zoom and Microsoft Teams for communication and project management, which are easily accessible and compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. A few projects may require some additional materials you can find at home or at a nearby hardware store, or additional open-source software. If any additional materials are needed, you will be aware of those prior to accepting a project.

Anushka, Andrea, and Elif present their project on the last day of camp.

Changes From Previous Editions of Online ISEC

Due to the return of in-person ISEC, we are scaling back our Online ISEC program. Participants from Online ISEC 2020 and Online ISEC 2021 will notice some changes from previous years. The biggest change is that there will only be one 8-day session. Since the length of Online ISEC 2022 will be shorter than in 2020 and 2021, it is especially important that chosen applicants are able to fully commit to every day of the program, including both weekend days (July 2nd and July 3rd). Participants will no longer be expected to write a detailed report at the end of their project, although all project groups will present their findings to the rest of the participants and mentors on Tuesday, July 5th. Furthermore, as we are only running one session of Online ISEC this summer, there is a decrease in the number of spots available and we cannot guarantee acceptance for all qualified returning applicants. We therefore encourage you to be thoughtful, genuine, and thorough in your application.

Application Process

The application process will consist of two different parts. The first application form will determine whether we accept you as a participant to Online ISEC, so please be sure to fill it out carefully and accurately. Once you are accepted, we will send more information including details of the different projects our Mentors have prepared. Our priority deadline is May 1st. We will continue accepting applications after that date if space is available. We will inform you about the outcome of your application in early to mid May. The second part of the application process will consist of matching successful applicants with projects, partners, and a Mentor. 

You can read the brief descriptions for some of last year’s Online ISEC projects through this link. Detailed descriptions of projects that will be offered this year, including the requirements, will be available once you are accepted as an ISEC 2022 participant.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to reading your application!