ISEC 2022

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We are currently continuing to accept qualified applicants for ISEC 2022. You may apply here.

ISEC 2022 will take place at Hotel Jizera (Horní Sytová 74, Liberecký Kraj, Czech Republic) between July 12th and 29th. The participation fee of the camp is 675€. 

The location of Hotel Jizera, Horní Sytová, Czech Republic

Hotel Jizera is a riverside country house in the village of Horní Sytová, close to the northern border with Poland. A simple walk around the surroundings whilst feeling the fresh mountain breeze is enough to make you think that you have traveled back in time when the Sun was younger and civilization hadn’t spread across the world. But fear not! Less than a minute walking there is a train stop where you can take a 5-minute train to Vichova nad Jizerou, the nearest major village. The village is sufficiently close to visit during your free time, but more than far enough for us to have our own space.

Hotel Jizera consists of two different floors. The first floor contains a recently renovated dining hall where the wonderful kitchen team of Hotel Jizera will feed us delicious Czech breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not far from the dining hall there are working rooms, which we will use for group project sessions. In addition to these rooms, we have a cozy space to hang out during free time and enjoy a soda, play some music, watch a movie, or play card games. The second floor contains all the bedrooms, which typically hold 2-4 people and have a small sink for personal use.  There are also communal showers and toilets on the second floor. 

Right outside the building there are some tables for recreational use, and a bit further there is a playground, a climbing net, a bonfire pit, a ping-pong table, and a grass football field. Beyond that, the house is surrounded by the river Jizera, where we can swim, so don’t forget to bring your swimming suit!

Hotel Jizera is in the northwest of the Czech Republic. The easiest way to get to camp is through Prague, which has the closest major airport and facilitates easy train and bus access to the rest of the country. To get to Hotel Jizera from Prague, you can use the public train system – we will provide you with more information once you are accepted to camp.

The application process will begin in late March 2022. Additional information about the application process can be found here.

Once your application is accepted, we will send you more information about how to travel to camp. We will also require you to have health insurance valid in the Czech Republic during the length of the camp, and a travel VISA if necessary. Please contact us if you need help obtaining either. Furthermore, we do require proof of full Covid-19 vaccination and a negative test taken within 72 hours of the start of camp. We take Covid-19 seriously. We will have an active Covid-19 prevention and monitoring plan, the specifics of which will depend on global and local case numbers prior to and during camp. Please contact us if you have Covid-19 related safety concerns.

We hope to see you at Hotel Jizera this summer! If you have any further questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.