Privacy Policy


We, the International Science Association (ISA), are very concerned about the privacy and security of your information. This Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures of ISA regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of your personally identifiable information. This Privacy Policy also covers our treatment of any personal data collected through our Sites’ hosting platform or personal data that you directly share with us.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that we do not own or control, including but not limited to any third party websites, services, or applications that you access through the Site or to individuals that we do not manage. While we attempt to only employ the use of third party services that share our commitment to your security and privacy, we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of third parties. We encourage you to carefully review the privacy policies of any third party services you access. As an association, we are using WordPress to host our website and Google Forms to assist us with gathering application and other personal information.

In 2018 the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) law came into effect to give EU citizens more control over how their personal information is collected, used, and shared. It is the strictest data privacy regulation in effect around the world and we extend its regulations to our users around the world, whether or not they are EU citizens. In this privacy policy, we provide details about our GDPR compliance.

We are an association incorporated under the laws of Spain. Our association headquarters are located at Calle Olivar 14, Madrid, 28012, Spain and we can be reached at

Consent to Our Privacy Policy

We want to ensure that your privacy interests and security are protected, while making your experience with the International Science Engagement Camp (ISEC) website as enjoyable as possible. By visiting or using our website,, you accept and consent to the collection and use of information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Transfers of Personal Data

Our website is hosted and operated in Spain through ISA and our service providers. By using our website, you acknowledge that your personal data is being provided to ISA and is hosted on Spanish servers. Collection of personal data is necessary in order for us to process your request and provide to you the expected services. Where we transfer your information we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your privacy rights continue to be protected.

Information We Collect

We collect data when you access our website, submit an inquiry, or submit an application. Non-personal data such as number of page views, number of visitors, and the originating country of the visitor are collected for all users who access our website. Furthermore, email and IP addresses are collected for those who submit an inquiry via our website. The majority of personal data, including, but not limited to first and last name, email address, age, city and country of residence, and nationality, are collected via our application form.

Usage of Personal Information

We use your personal information for a variety of reasons that are necessary for the to successfully carry out our obligations to the users. Your personal data will be used to:

  • Process your applications and make informed decisions about your participation in ISA events.
  • Respond to any submitted inquiries.
  • Contact you when we deem it to be important, unintrusive, and relevant so as to provide you with current information about upcoming events and services that we provide.
  • Compile statistics from pseudonymized data to use in our marketing and to provide us with information necessary to expand our sphere of influence.

Furthermore, we collect non-personally identifiable information from our website visitors, as mentioned above. Such data will be used to:

  • Administer the website.
  • Estimate our audience size and patterns.
  • Enlarge our sphere of influence.
  • Assist in improving and updating our website and services.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to publicly share non-personally identifiable data on our website. Any publicly shared data will be a statistical sample of our users, will all identifying information being removed. Examples of such data include the ages, nationalities, and countries of residence of our users.

Legal Basis for Personal Data Processing

Our legal basis for processing your data is that of a contractual obligation, which includes steps taken towards entering such a contract. The data collected is used to ensure the proper support for all students, including special attention to their well-being.

We will not share personal data with third parties, unless required by law or for the safety of our users. Under certain circumstances, we may be legally required to share your data for property or personal safety, the prevention and detection of crime, or as a matter of national security. We may process or share your personal data when it is necessary for medical purposes, such as medical treatment during an ISA event. Furthermore, we reserve the right to share personal data when explicit consent is given to do so.

Security Measures

We take data security very seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information. We have put into place the necessary measures to ensure that we are GDPR compliant. We limit access to your personal data to only those members of our association who require access to carry out their duties.

We will keep your personal data while there is reasonable mutual interest to do so in relation to our contract and while we have a legal obligation to do so under local law. Specific personal information may be kept for longer when explicit consent is given to do so, mainly to be able to maintain contact with ISA event alumni. When data retention is no longer necessary, it will be removed with appropriate security measures, such as total destruction of personal information or the complete pseudonymization thereof.

Your Rights

Under the GDPR, you have certain rights that allow you to access and control your personal information. You may request details of the personal information we have about you by contacting us at at any time. You have a right to withdraw consent at any time, as well as to request complete deletion of personal data held by ISA.

Updated: March 2019