Inspiring Science Association

The Inspiring Science Association is a non profit organization based in Spain and formally registered in the Spanish National Registry of Associations.

We are an international team of young people with very different backgrounds who want to do something beautiful. We all share a common love for Science and the will to spread it.

Our driving principles and main objectives are:

1) To encourage, strengthen and inspire scientific vocations among people all over the world.

2) To present, develop and study new ways of learning Science.

3) To familiarize future scientists and science enthusiasts with the reality of scientific research.

4) To enhance critical thinking, skepticism, initiative, inquiry, curiosity, communication, open mindedness, and reflective thinking, qualities which we believe are essential characteristics of successful scientists and can improve society.

5) To create an international environment of cooperation and collaboration among people from very different places, backgrounds, ages and interests.

The Inspiring Science Association has a democratic, transparent structure, made up of:

– The General Assembly, containing all the Inspiring Science Association members, whose main faculties are to approve the Directive Board, examine and approve the yearly account balance, modify the Statutes of the association, discuss the admission of new associates, and select the mentors of ISEC following the open selection process.

– The Directive Board, which leads the main project and is in charge of the management of the association, as well as following and executing the resolutions of the General Assembly.

– External volunteers, who are not a part of the Inspiring Science Association but collaborate with the association as needed and to whom we are extremely grateful. We are always looking for more volunteers if you are interested!